The Kanawa Island does not have its own fresh water source. Fresh water is brought in daily by boat.  Therefore, we ask that you use water efficiently. 

The Kanawa Island does not have hot showers. Water is warm by the sun, therefore it is not too cold, but definitely not hot.

Please bring a flashlight / torch.  The island runs on solar energy during the day, enough to power kitchen appliances.  In the evening, our generator provides electricity from 06:00 pm to 11:00 pm
During these hours you can charge you electrical devices in your bungalow otherwise you can ask to use one of the plugs in the office, if available.
We strongly discourage to bring on the island food and beverages from outside.
We try to keep the island clean, and keeping your food in your bungalow might attract animals.
We cannot give you storage for your food and drinks since our storage and electricity is limited.
We are trying to apply no plastic tolerance policy on the island.
The Kanawa Island does not have internet or WiFi connection, but you can try by your phone with internet packages.

The island has very limited phone service (Telkomsel Signal), we don’t have land phone.

Our system payment in KANAWA Island:
Once you arrive to Labuan bajo, please change your current money to rupiah since all our bills have to be paid by cash and in rupiah only.
About the reservation room you can pay 50% and full payment to our Mandiri bank via transfer.

Minimum to stay is 3 nights. We highly recommend to book in advance, we are fully booked throughout all the year, including low season.

Komodo National Park has pleasant weather all year round. January and February bring some rain with sometimes occasional wind and waves. Snorkeling and swimming can be done at any time of the year.

Hope this information will help you well due your vocation in our Kanawa Island


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